Conversions from VHS video or camcorder tape to

DVD or USB Drive


Do you have to use your camcorder to watch your family videos?
Have you replaced your old format video camera or camcorder with a newer version?
vhs video tape conversion Are you concerned about the age and wear of your VHS tapes?
Video tape has an effective life of about 10 years under ideal conditions.
DVD media has a life expectancy of over 50 years.
Many video tapes are in danger of irreversible damage.
Save and share your moments for your children and grandchildren.
DVD copies are inexpensive, so you can make an exact duplicate copy for safe keeping.
DVD video and audio does not deteriorate,even after thousands of playbacks.
A digital conversion of your media now stops any further loss of quality.
If video streaking or sparkle effects are noticeable, the deterioration is accelerating.
Old vhs and camcorder camera tapes can now be transferred on to dvd using the very latest technology.
VCR's are now a thing of the past, and people will be left with their old wedding videos, unable to be watched.
Now they will be able to keep their films on dvd for years to come.
Our clients are offered the choice of having their dvd with full animated menus, enabling them to select various scenes at the click of a button.
Alternatively, we can produce a straight copy, which can be fast forwarded in the usual way.
All dvd's come in a plastic case.

Prices for converting tapes to DVD

Prices for converting tapes to USB
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